Sex Work for the Soul

Sex & Astrology

February 14, 2023 MarySueXoXo Season 1 Episode 7
Sex Work for the Soul
Sex & Astrology
Show Notes

Right in time for Valentine's Day. ;) Listen to hear about how astrology can help us to connect with our sexual preferences & inner power. In this episode I have my very first guest joining us- Dani Wright from That Witch Podcast! Dani is a witchcraft mentor and astrology instructor, with her very own witchcraft school that you can access below. We talk about everything from birth charts, to compatibility, to shadow work around sex. 

I've been working with Dani 1-on-1 for the last year, and have learned SO much from her. Below, you'll find Dani's social links as well as the resources she recommends for astrology beginners.

xoxo, Mary

Dani's social links:
That Witch School:
That Witch Podcast:
Instagram @thatwitch.nextdoor

Dani's recommended sites & resources for astrology:
Astro Seek:

xoxo, Mary

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